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We help companies qualify H-1B candidates by eliminating fraudulent submissions. 

Who we are

V-Validate was built to help solve the challenges in the recruiting and staffing industry by increasing the speed to which companies are able to validate H-1B visas – thereby helping you find qualified candidates for your roles, while potentially saving your business time, money, and litigation in your hiring efforts.

Qualify H-1B candidates
for your roles and eliminate
fraudulent submissions.

Why work with us


of h1-b visas

are individuals working in the tech sector

We help decrease risk in hiring decisions for valid H-1B visas.



who filed for petition in 2020 were rejected

We lower revenue loss for your customers.



we received were found to be fabricated

We reduce hiring time in finding valid H-1B candidates.


Technology staffing is undergoing change, and we’ve created a solution that an save all  involved in the H-1B validation process considerable time, money, and peace of mind.We help mitigate risk and expenses by authenticating the validity of a visa through our proprietary technology, delivering results in minutes.

JULY 2019

“In the few months we’ve used V-validate, we’ve eliminated over 58% of the fraudulent visas presented to us which has led to a huge gain in productivity and trust for our Clients”

Client Partner of a $100+ Million Staffing Firm

How to get started

Just fill out and submit a quick registration form and get a confirmation email with next steps. We look forward to working with you!

Find qualified candidates while
saving business time, money, and
risk in your hiring efforts.